CableSolve was recently featured as the hand-picked infrastructure management and physical layer deployment solution for the InteropNET complete with Cormant-led classes featured during the show. Want to see the presentations and learn more? Click here!

CableSolve provides a holistic approach to the documentation and management of the entire IT infrastructure, including assets, power, connectivity, space and work-flow. CableSolve is the most trusted, configurable, flexible and portable DCIM solution available, providing complete visibility into the physical layer, including all assets and connectivity, along with data gathered directly from devices.

CableSolve does not stop at just DCIM; it supports management of the IT infrastructure within the enterprise environment, including work-areas and campus environments.Portability of information is the key to accurate, up-to-date information. Since 2003 CableSolve has supported mobile data capture.

Today this extends to smartphones, tablets and handheld mobile computers that can read barcodes and RFID tags. With portability at the heart of CableSolve, IT managers have total confidence in the IT infrastructure information.Key Benefits Of CableSolve Include:

  • Consolidation of all existing infrastructure data within a configurable framework
  • Visualization of data center information with data center and rack views
  • Work order and change management
  • Access to data when and where required
  • Automatic consolidation of information from external assets
  • Historical and current dashboards views to track trends and progress
  • Configurable and flexible reporting
  • A full read/write API to interface to external systems

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