Demand Generation

An effective service to improve your business.

Through Demand Generation it is possible to drive and build awareness of your products and services. Our processes of lead scouting and nurturing make us able to individuate prospects and to create fruitful relationships with them by using literature distribution or invitation to trade show or webinars. We are masters in creating complex and innovative marketing strategies, always fitting your needs, no matter what general economic conditions are.


Channel Management is an expert in searching for a decision maker with the budget required, our Inside Sales Representatives are masters at engaging “suspects” and converting them to viable “prospects”. Starting from Database Validation through a qualification process, we will locate and nurture those companies that have a valid interest in exploring your product or service, according to your standards of a actionable new business opportunity.


It’s necessary that prospects continue to consider your company in a positive way. We develop a relationship of trust with your prospect by means of technical literature distribution or invitation to trade show or webinars, other than making phone calls.


Finding adequate sales partners for your business can be a demanding process. Our channel recruitment service offers a cost effective way to identify and evaluate potential partners, saving time for you to engage in your primary objectives. Lead Scouting can be provided in order to support these partners and build up channel loyalty.


Fill every seat in your seminar and effectively use trade shows to generate business. We can help you achieve these benefits through making personalized phone contacts with prospects and clients before the show, to invite them to your exhibit booth and calling them after the event to thank your visitors and to further qualify purchase intent, literature distribution, scheduling meetings and conference calls, providing comprehensive reporting and lead nurturing.


Literature distribution is an important part of the lead management process. We provide the service from mass mailings to small-quantity personalized mailings, storage and distribution of marketing or technical collateral. Using safety stock and reorder point we can alert you when literature stock gets low.

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