Demand Generation

An effective service to improve your business.

Through Demand Generation it is possible to drive and build awareness of your products and services. Our processes of lead scouting and nurturing make us able to individuate prospects and to create fruitful relationships with them by using literature distribution or invitation to trade show or webinars.

We are masters in creating complex and innovative marketing strategies, always fitting your needs, no matter what general economic conditions are.

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Tele Teaming

A useful way to approach the market suitably.

It’s simple: at Channel Management, we are specialized in managing your customers throughout the lifecycle; we constantly monitor their requirements and we are able to do that both for private firms and for Public Local Administration.

Our skilled and well trained staff of Inside Sales Representatives works in a very close contact with field salespeople: in this way, we can assure you a more powerful market penetration in a specific area. The broad range of our services aims to one goal: to boost your business and to increase your pipeline.

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Back office marketing services

We take care of your contacts!

We constantly update your database and provide long lists of useful contacts for your business.

Besides, we satisfy your needs using innovative technological means, such as social networks or e-mails: costumers can always be in contact with you and you can always receive their feedback, so that to reduce the possibility of churn.

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