Back Office Marketing Services

We take care of your contacts!

We constantly update your database and provide long lists of useful contacts for your business. Besides, we satisfy your needs using innovative technological means, such as social networks or e-mails: costumers can always be in contact with you and you can always receive their feedback, so that to reduce the possibility of churn.


We offer a massive and tailored action of list building and list cleaning on your behalf, searching for contacts with your desired criteria and validating them either through telemarketing, extracting data from the web or through direct mail. We periodically maintain your database by regular updates.


Our effective technique of target-based data integration delivers fully managed messages. We make on-the-fly emails customized down to an individual recipient basis and personalised with an individuals name and company name.


SMM is an effective way for partner interaction offering tangible ROI for product management, market research, lead-generation, public relations. Our Communication department can manage effectively your social media accounts increasing brand awareness, engaging with communities in your industry and driving traffic and leads to your website.


One of the most important elements in developing a successful survey is objectivity, but often customers are more confortable in sharing their thoughts and feedback with an outside firm rather than with persons they have a business relationship.


Our fully featured, enterprise level CRM is available as a service from your PC and also from iPhone or Android devices. Our software may have functionality that overlaps with your current sales contact management solution. In this case the data structure allows us to integrate our CRM with your ODBC-compliant system so that all your data are stored in one place.

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