Who we are

We understand your challenges and this is the best value to partner with you.

Channel Management is a provider of services for sales and account management.
We can provide a range of off-the-shelf and tailor-made marketing services that help you to create awareness within your channel, to develop your business and to increase sales and new business opportunities. Whenever Demand Generation, Tele-Teaming and Back office marketing services are outsourced, your outside salespeople are able to close more sales and increase the revenue of the company.

Our Skills

A seamless extension of your organization
We pledge to act as a seamless extension of your organization, providing you a professional team that have the essential skills for success, no matter what the general economic conditions are. Channel Management does not hire telemarketers. We hire inside salespeople with the skills that make them able to engage prospects in conversation, navigate through gatekeepers and achieve success.
A fixed, multi-lingual and experienced staff
Channel Management employs a fixed, multi-lingual and experienced staff able to manage the sales process from resellers to C-levels of end-user businesses. As result our staff never use scripts but talking points to reach high quality information from which customer base a partnering decision.
Our accountability
We believe business partnerships are based on trust and on result oriented culture work. We comply with all U.S.A. and E.U. regulations when we do business, all our processes are under Non-Disclosure agreement and all data are securely stored. Our service is exclusive, we do not represent mutual competing companies.