Tele Teaming

 A useful way to approach the market suitably.

It’s simple: at Channel Management, we are specialized in managing your customers throughout the lifecycle; we constantly monitor their requirements and we are able to do that both for private firms and for Public Local Administration.

Our skilled and well trained staff of Inside Sales Representatives works in a very close contact with field salespeople: in this way, we can assure you a more powerful market penetration in a specific area. The broad range of our services aims to one goal: to boost your business and to increase your pipeline.


Our Inside Sales Representative pair two or more of your salespersons: the benefit to this approach is that we can provide larger coverage of territory, market or sector. It’s simple, our ISR can typically speak with 25 decision makers per day, compared to a field sales representative who can generally meet at most five customers per day.


Our business appointment setting service produce highly qualified and well targeted prospects: we are able to set meetings with people that can influence your sales pipeline.


At Channel Management, we are specialized in managing your customers throughout the lifecycle, producing tangible increases in revenue and reducing customer churn.


The service provide visibility into your target accounts and then provide you a snapshot on who’s buying, on what they are buying and when.


Companies having long sales cycles, working with multiple decision points, meeting with C-level executives, and selling high-value solutions, could benefit from this service. Tele-Nurturing helps long-term projects to taking place.


Our ten years experience in Public Sector make us able to inform you about the negotiation of contracts, development of new projects, approval of budgets and buying decisions. Our services range from lead scouting to opportunity identification and appointment setting help you to generate revenue with your target key Public Sector accounts.

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